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South East

Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer


Monte-Carlo Societe des Bains de Mer is the most beautiful collection of unique experiences in Monaco.
“Here, we must give dreams, pleasures, and beauty” says François Blanc, its founder.
In this fabulous Resort you will find 4 and 5 star hotels to fulfill all the desires and sublimate your stay in Monaco, the legend of the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, the discreet and luxurious charm of the Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, the Riviera spirit of Monte-Carlo Beach and the fun of Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort : four hotels, four philosophies, and so many ways to live an unforgettable experience.

In the heart of Monaco, the Resort’s restaurants offer the best of gastronomy.
Want a breakfast on the terrace, a quick lunch, a starred dinner? The restaurants of Monte Carlo Société des Bains de Mer meet all your expectations.
Traditional cuisine, Mediterranean, contemporary or exotic: take a seat at the table of one of its restaurants, it is the promise of an exceptional trip to the land of aromas and flavors.
Yes, gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins … But if you give yourself time for an exceptional lunch or dinner, that does not really matter, right? Recently, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer is the only Resort in Europe to be awarded 7 stars in the Michelin Guide. Gluttony is no longer an ugly fault : the proof by 7…
With its 3 stars, the Louis XV – Alain Ducasse at the Hotel de Paris – is a haute couture card dedicated to the Riviera, at Blue Bay *, the chef Marcel Ravin merges Caribbean and Mediterranean cuisine to enjoy on the terrace or watching the sea. At Vittamar *, the chef Witz celebrates Mediterranean cuisine, while the Elsa, the first 100% organic starred restaurant, celebrates local cuisine and organic products, and finally the Grill offers a refined table on the 8th floor of the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo.
To be found also within Monte Carlo Society of the Sea Baths, in addition to the 4 hotels and the 23 restaurants, 4 casinos, 10 bars and places of festivals as well as 3 Spas and places of well-being.

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© MONTE-CARLO Société des Bains de Mer
© MONTE-CARLO Société des Bains de Mer

Champagne Ayala

Winemaker Champagne

Founded by Edmond de Ayala in 1860, Champagne AYALA is one of the oldest Champagne Houses, established in Aÿ, in the heart of the Grands Crus, since its founding more than 150 years ago. Independent and family, it represents today the archetype of the great House, producing wines of high flight, appreciated by the world for their freshness and elegance.

Champagne AYALA has always belonged to independent family structures and on a human scale. After the Second World War, the House experienced a calm period of its history, its leaders then occupying important roles within the interprofession champenoise. In 2005, the Bollinger family bought the beautiful property on hearing good revival : a period of renewal began for Champagne AYALA, with a complete overhaul of production tools and the arrival of new teams. Today, the House employs around fifteen people, retaining the family spirit of its origins.
All stages of the wine making process are conducted permanently : from winemaking to bottle shipping, including aging, stirring, disgorging, dressing and packaging. The 2 kilometers of cellars shelter nearly 2.5 million bottles, which age slowly in the secular vaults, dug out of the chalky hillsides of Aÿ.
Champagne AYALA produces wines appreciated for their precision, delicacy, airiness and style based on freshness and elegance. Balanced joints with a good share of Chardonnay, vinification conducted only in small stainless steel vats and low dosages : all of which define the unique personality of the emblematic cuvées of the House.

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© Maison de Champagne Ayala
© Maison de Champagne Ayala
South West

Remy Martin

Winemaker Cognac

Rooted in the exception since 1724, Maison Rémy Martin produces its cognacs in the highest standards of quality.
From its winemaker and family origins, the House knows the values ​​of time, patience, rarity and excellence. These values ​​were retranscribed during the creation of the various visits and receptions proposed.
Remy Martin invites you to discover its domains: copper stills, silence of the cellars, eaux-de-vie exclusively from Petite and Grande Champagne, introduction to tasting.

Maison Rémy Martin produces cognacs with eaux-de-vie exclusively from Grande and Petite Champagne. These are the most prestigious wines because the chalk of the subsoil is soft and the clay rare; the eaux-de-vie are round and fine. These cognacs bear the name “Cognac Fine Champagne”

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© Flavio PAGANI / Les Editions d'Autils
© Flavio PAGANI / Les Editions d'Autils
South East

Cheval Blanc St-Tropez


Nestled in the centuries-old pine forest which serves as a haven for horses, Cheval Blanc St-Tropez is a haven of serenity in the Mediterranean, ideal for breakaways in the heart of the mythical village or a relaxing stopover feet in the sand of the beach House. Inspired by the colors of the surrounding landscape, the spirit of the House is reflected by the contemporary touches of Jean-Michel Wilmotte, for a true blue getaway in the heart of Provence.
The Vague d’Or, a gourmet restaurant awarded 3 stars in the Michelin Guide and 5 toques at Gault & Millau, showcases chef Arnaud Donckele’s creativity every evening.

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© F. Nannini
© G. Villa

Le Grand Restaurant

Restaurant Gastronomical Les Grandes Tables du Monde

Lovers of French gastronomy, Chef Piège accompanies the latter towards its future by developing a contemporary approach to the cuisine and the restaurant.
It could be obvious, but Jean-François Piège cooks. Far from disguising the ingredient, the Chef transforms and reveals what the producer offers him. A respect for the act of cooking that comes naturally, and this is one of his other signatures, a flawless requirement in the selection of products. From a passion for cooking too. In any case, there are incredible transmutation potentials constantly explored by Jean-François Piège, for whom cooking means controlling the flame or the temperature.

A warm approach that we find in this imperious desire to please, to welcome, to be hospitable in every way. This generosity is embodied in the gourmet aspect of Chef Piège’s cuisine, in these subtleties – the cooking of celery root on wild sweet clover or the delicate caramelization of a rib of beef – which make a unique bite. A sum of details, actions and personal touches that lead to the unique cuisine of Jean-François Piège and some of his iconic dishes among which, the sweet-egg white-eating, the Mijotés Modernes (these ingredients cooked on other ingredients) or puffed pizza dough.
Opened in 2015 in the heart of the Parisian Golden Triangle, the Grand Restaurant is an author’s table, a laboratory of gastronomic thoughts and creation. Jean-François Piège affirms here his convictions, those inspired by a French gastronomy, proud of its values ​​and heritage, looking ahead of it more than in the rearview mirror. The singularity, that of creating as one hears “his” great French restaurant, is then the concern of every moment. Cooking methods such as Modern Stew, such as lobster simmered on shells or grilled veal sweetbreads on walnut shells, the creativity of the caviar-flavored apple and the design of a specially designed podium for cheese is an experience that one lives at the Grand Restaurant. An emotion that seizes upon entry and this door of metallic lace also showing a map of Paris, the intellectual and intangible terroir of the Chef. We then enter the kitchen, as if we entered the house of the cook, before settling in this small room – 10 tables – with strong identity (made in collaboration with Gulla Jonsdottir). Made from noble materials and raw wood and concrete, and of course, this canopy with geometric lines, between art deco inspiration and terrible modernity, it illustrates the cuisine of Jean-François Piège, distinguished for Le Grand Restaurant, by two stars in the Michelin Guide in 2016.

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© Khanh Renaud
©Nicolas Lobbestael
Lyon region

Maison Pic

HOTEL RESTAURANT Gastronomical Les Grandes Tables du Monde

This year, the Maison Pic celebrates its 130th birthday. More than a century of gastronomy embodied by the 4 generations of cooks: Sophie, the great grandmother, André, the grandfather, Jacques the father and today Anne-Sophie. A cuisine that has reinvented itself but has retained its trademark : the alliance of flavors and the pleasure of sharing.
Discover during a hotel and restaurant stay a universe where tradition and modernity coexist, references to past and present, femininity and masculinity, elegance and sobriety. Elegance is expressed here in the purity and choice of materials of excellence, leather, rosewood, silver leaf screens, silk carpets. Protected from the outside world, come and enjoy an enchanted parenthesis.

To discover the culinary universe of Anne Sophie Pic, we offer tastings in one of the restaurants of your choice. An introduction to starred tables around a menu that reflects its culinary signature: a demanding and audacious cuisine that reconciles balance & aromatic complexity, assertive flavors & delicacy. A unique taste experience magnified by the food and wine pairings of their sommeliers.

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Lyon region

La Cité du Chocolat Valrhona

Producers Exceptional product

Selected by the most prestigious professionals of the gastronomy, Valrhona is today the reference mark of the greatest Chefs, Pastry chefs and Craftsmen of the whole world. A demand for excellence that guides Valrhona in the creation of its chocolates and its innovations for professionals and gourmet consumers. True to its commitment to “offer the best to create the best,” Valrhona is committed to reinventing the world of chocolate to advance global gastronomy.

With the City of Chocolate, Valrhona affirms its vocation to make known the know-how of the gastronomy and to feast all the public. Forget everything you know about chocolate !! Prepare your 5 senses for a unique journey in the heart of taste and know-how, from a cocoa plantation to the workshop of the greatest chefs. The Cité du Chocolat Valrhona is a unique 2,000 m² site that allows you to share an exceptional, gourmet and unifying experience.

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South West

Hôtel & Restaurant LALIQUE / Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey

HOTEL RESTAURANT Winemaker Gastronomical Relais & Chateaux Wine

Nestled on the heights of the mythical terroirs of Sauternes, the Hotel & Restaurant LALIQUE is a must-see stopover in the Bordeaux region. Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey invites visitors since June 2018 to a moment of harmony between wine, art, gastronomy and hospitality.
Blending the Lalique style with Sauternes soils, the 10 rooms and 3 suites at this 5-star Relais & Châteaux hotel offer a break from serenity in the heart of the historic Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey vineyard, Premier Grand Cru Classé.

Haven of peace for guests in search of discretion, everything is joined in terms of art and meaning for the same purpose: emotion. The decoration was orchestrated by interior designers Lady Tina Green and Pietro Mingarelli, creators of the Lalique Maison furniture and accessories collection. A subtle exercise in style, the rooms and suites combine the materials of the time with contemporary details. On two floors, each room and suite has its own typicality. In duplex, the Bacchantes suite offers among others unique views overlooking the hilly landscape of the appellation and the historical vineyard plot.
Adorned with one hundred and twenty Champs-Elysees in lustrous gold crystal on the ceiling, the restaurant accommodates 40 covers, 15 of which under a glass roof facing the Enclos, historical plot of the castle, giving the impression of sitting in the vineyards. With its crystal and porcelain decorations, the art of the table is an ode to Lalique’s savoir-faire in partnership with large partner Maisons: Fürstenberg porcelain plates, Christofle napkin rings inlaid with crystal pieces Grapes … refinement is the key word !
In the kitchen, Michelin-starred chef Jérôme Schilling and his team offer a specific and unusual cuisine inspired by the specificities of each vintage and rigorously selected products. In January 2019, the restaurant received a Michelin star, thus offering a first Michelin star restaurant in Sauternes. In search of the new and in the skill of the know-how, the chef puts the viticultural technique at the service of his creations. This synergy in the gastronomic experience is expressed for example with a tartar of Bazas beef, Comté moss and infusion with Sauternes with truffle from Sainte Croix du Mont. The LALIQUE table at Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey is also worth a visit for its impressive wine list of 2600 references, selected by Chef Sommelier Adrien Cascio. The three historic cellars bring together more than 22,000 bottles from the world’s finest vintages, as well as a selection of more accessible nuggets.

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©Agi Simoes & Reto Guntli
©Agi Simoes & Reto Guntli


Winemaker Champagne

Philipponnat is a French champagne house with deep historical family roots, established in Champagne since 1522 and historically located in Ay and Mareuil-sur-Ay.
At Philipponnat, the inheritance has been transmitted over the centuries : a line of men and women still today custodian of a secular philosophy. Each one carefully transmits the know-how he inherited from his predecessors. The spirit is always family and the teams work on the development of the wines in the respect of the values ​​of the House : with singularity, excellence, generosity and simplicity.

The 20 hectares of vineyards owned by the House are located in Premieres and Grands Crus. These centuries-old terroirs, so precious and fragile, Philipponnat preserves them by working its soil naturally, by weeding by hand and plowing with draft horses. The House is committed to renovating its traditions to find the best : Philipponnat loves to persevere and meet the challenges to continually improve the quality of wines.
The House is built around its particular style producing champagnes possessing a vinosity and a rare elegance around a grape variety of choice that marks its signature: Pinot Noir.
The celebrity of the house is also explained by its flagship cuvée, featuring grapes from the oldest and famous closed in the region, the steepest (45 °), Philipponnat creates a wine of exceptional power in Champagne. With its 5.5 hectares surrounded by walls, the Clos des Goisses occupies the best hillside of Mareuil-sur-Ay. Property of the House for almost a century, it is a remarkable vineyard : perfectly exposed south, it is unique and recognizable by all its extreme inclination. More than a vintage of prestige, it is the wine of an absolutely unique terroir.

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© Michael Boudot
South West

La Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez

HOTEL RESTAURANT Gastronomical Relais & Chateaux

To make the heart of an old Bordeaux house beat, passion is imperative. It is necessary to know how to transcend it, to listen to the aspiration of the travelers, to detect the part of madness which will upset a hotel concept, to understand what each host comes to look for it to offer it to him. The global ambassador of taste, Pierre Gagnaire and the composer of rare wines, Bernard Magrez, united for the best of the French table, invite you to live an exceptional experience in this magnificent home where the French know-how and the refinement will be the key words.

At the heart of Bordeaux, in a mansion of the late nineteenth century, now nestles a 5-star hotel with 6 prestigious rooms and an exceptional table, symbolizing the complicity of two great visionaries of gastronomy. Through this association, a singular ambition has emerged: to create a residence for all the Arts.
The Art of Great Wines with, on the map, the world’s unique offer of all Bordeaux classified Crus and similar, ie 259 references including 172 Grands Crus Classés.
The Art of Receiving and sharing with the guests the passion of a place and its culture, through the
refinement of a luxurious building from the beginning of the last century and its interior decoration inspired Napoleon III.
The Art of Haute Cuisine, orchestrated by Chef Pierre Gagnaire, voted Best Chef of the World by his
peers in 2015, around his exclusive creations for Bernard Magrez’s La Grande Maison sublimating the products of the region.
Contemporary Art that we discover through the works of the private collection of the Master of the places, to both in the rooms, the lounges of the restaurant, the garden, or at the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute, opposite La Grande Maison. These works change with the seasons and desires, for a
always unique discovery during a gastronomic pass or a stay.
From its intimate welcome to its cozy atmosphere, through its table and Grands Crus Bordeaux,
The Great House of Bernard Magrez embodies the historic Art of Living of the city. When the people of Bordeaux were entertaining each other and at home, in these wealthy mansions, it is the atmosphere and the emotions that they lived that are transcribed today in the soul and the living memory of Bordeaux.

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